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Our culture, attitudes, and behaviors are highly valued and protected. Every team member is unique in their strengths and we all work together to achieve shared success. We enjoy working with each other, encouraging each other, and doing what we are good at. We continuously get energized from our work, start every day feeling ready and motivate to perform and have fun.  


We believe that family is important which is why we encourage each member to live a healthy, balanced life to enrich your life to be happier in all things you do. We all desire to be in an environment where we are excited to come to work to learn, grow, and to accomplish individual goals and team goals together.  


We work hard, we do our homework, we gain our advantages by being more prepared, being better equipped, and organized and establish strategies and targets to achieve the desired outcomes.   


We challenge the status quo and we believe we can accomplish anything that we put our hearts and minds to.   


We are busy, we deliver on our commitments, we are open, honest and transparent with our partners, our clients, our consultants, our service providers, our contractors, and ourselves. In other words, we always act with integrity.   


We believe and aim to preserve long term trusting relationships.  


The path and road in front of us may not be the easiest at times but our team works together to handle the curves, bumps and sometimes major hills that we all face and climb together. We take on challenging mandates and projects but with the view that we can successfully reach the intended goals with the right team, the right tools and resources, proper planning and execution.   


We are human, so we know our life and our work cannot always be perfect, but it is how we handle our conflicts, challenges, and mistakes that make the difference for ourselves and those who work with the Innocept team. We do not aim to eliminate all stress as we believe eustress (Eu- a Greek prefix for Healthy) is healthful and a stimulus for growth.   


We believe adversity and challenging experiences move us to reach our potential and make us increasingly better at what we do.  


Above all, we appreciate our clients, our partners and the opportunities that we have to allow us to come to work each day and work towards our goals with passion and excitement.  

Construction Worker


We are seeking a competent and reliable Construction Worker to join our Construction team. Come and work in gorgeous sunny Kelowna, BC for a 10 month contract starting immediately. We are looking for individuals that have Construction Site experience. You must have physical strength, endurance and work ethic. To be successful in this position, you will work well as part of a team and follow instructions and safety rules.   


Site superintendents plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate directly with subcontractors and material suppliers and indirectly through other project management staff. The site superintendent is responsible for coordinating sub-trades and materials in alignment with the goals and objectives established by the project manager. 

Site Superintendent